Business German

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Blended Learning Business German

Our courses in German As A Foreign Language are designed for employees as well as executives and managers who would like to expand or refresh their knowledge of the German language with special focus on its professional use.

Deutsche Klassiker


On site you will study in our person-to-person tutorial in your group and with your teachers. Topics will include pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and conversation.

At home or at work you can continue your studies via internet with our online service. You study whenever you want to and at exactly the pace you are comfortable with.You can do follow-up work on your courses with our tutors practicing pronunciation and grammar with them. Or you can exchange your experiences with other participants and discuss lessons, grammar, vocabulary, or assignments.

You also have the possibility to chat and e-mail with your group and tutors, so you can enjoy everything interactive learning has to offer.


Please contact for further information: learn business


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